Liz Donalds, Psy.D. 
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"Liz is a sophisticated, seasoned clinician whose background as a certified school psychologist has proven invaluable to her understanding of children and families."
 -Clinical Psychologist Home for Little Wanderers

"Dr. Donalds appreciates the complex range of factors that impact a child's life, and exhibits strong ability to pull these together in coherent formulation. She combines gentle probing with true empathy to create not only a nurturing environment for those with who she works, but a growing one as well."
 -Neuropsychologist Bradley Hospital

"Liz shows exquisite sensitivity to issues of trauma, tailoring her work to address the particular challenges faced by each individual. Her strong ability to navigate challenging systems and ethical complexities is evident in her interactions with clients and collaterals."
​ -Clinical Director Home for Little Wanderers

"Liz's professionalism coupled with her calm, clear presentation at meetings allows parents the opportunity to absorb assessment information while remaining confident and hopeful of services and outcomes for their child. Liz's reports, both written and verbal, demonstrate her expertise in childhood development, curriculum and instructional differentiation. She has the ability to engage team members and families in constructive conversation with a focus on student growth while presenting recommendations that are educationally sound, clear and easy to implement." 
​ -Inpatient Clinical Director Neuropsychologist Butler Hospital

"In my role as principal, I rely on Liz's expertise daily for guidance in caring for children who present with difficulties. I all instances, Liz's professionalism and expertise shine through. She is an intelligent, caring and dedicated person who is consistently able to offer sound advice in caring for the neediest children in our system."  
​ -Principal Medfield Public Schools

"Dr. Donalds has an understanding of how to establish rapport with a child and work efficiently within a testing milieu. But her special talent lies in her composed, understated style. She has handled many stressful situations calmly and competently. she has the ability to deescalate conflict and tension, helping parents, teachers and child feel a sense of safety and trust, thus enabling them to work productively on the issue at hand."
 -Special Education Director Early Childhood Sudbury Public Schools

Letter from Patients/Parents:

"Thank you once again for the support and help you've given to our child. He is making good strides in the area of anger management. We've appreciated the fact that he knew you were there for him to talk to."

"Dear Liz, Thank you for all your work with our son this year. You were such an important part of making his second grade experience such a success."

​"Thank you so much Dr. Donalds for taking the time to listen to me and for letting me feel safe. I think I have been able identify the areas that need work and am looking forward to continuing our conversations."
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